Writing About The American Chestnut Foundation

  • The first letter of each word is capitalized, including “The,” to conform with our legal name
  • Use TACF as the acronym; ACF is trademarked by The Association of Consulting Foresters and should not be used
  • American chestnut: “A” is capitalized, “c” is lower case
  • Blight-resistant: is hyphenated, as in “blight-resistant chestnut” or “the tree will be highly blight-resistant”
  • Blight resistance: is not hyphenated, as in “The tree will have sufficient blight resistance”
  • Bur: is preferred to “burr”
  • Backcross: single word
  • Backcross breeding: The process used by TACF. Selected offspring of the first cross between Chinese and American chestnut are crossed with, or “back to” American chestnut only in subsequent generations. The term ” Cross breeding” should be avoided because it implies multi-generation crosses between species, varieties or breeds. In cross breeding, selected offspring of the first cross may again be crossed with other species, varieties or breeds in subsequent generations. “Breeding” may be used, as it refers more generally to crossing within species, varieties or breeds.
  • Escaped infection: preferred usage for uninfected wild-growth trees, rather than “survived” infection
  • CEO & President: use of ampersand between these titles is preferred to CEO and President
  • Chapters: hyphenate when using state abbreviation with TACF, as in “ME-TACF or MA/RI-TACF”
  • Meadowview Research Farms: Farms is plural, not singular
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