Gift and Estate Planning

Gifts through your will, living trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy can have a big impact on our ambitious goal to restore the American chestnut, an effort that may take decades to fully achieve. What better way to leave your personal legacy after your lifetime than to ensure our work will continue for our future generations?

When you make any of these gift commitments, your assets remain in your control. Your gift comes to TACF only after your lifetime and if your needs change, you can change the commitment accordingly. You can also designate what you choose to gift TACF while still ensuring you and your loved ones are cared for.  For designations in wills and living trusts, these include specific assets and amounts (cash, securities, or real estate), a percentage of your estate, or a residual distribution.

Unlike wills and living trust, gifts through retirement plans and insurance policies pass to recipients, such as TACF, through beneficiary forms.  Simply contact your plan administrator and request a beneficiary change form; complete the form, and return it to the administrator or agent who holds the plan.  For information on immediate outright gifts from your IRA through the IRA Charitable Rollover, visit here.

There may be favorable tax consequences by including philanthropy in your estate plans. TACF encourages you to seek the help of a qualified estate planning attorney before making your commitment.

If you have already made a gift commitment in your estate plans, please accept our deepest appreciation. The details of your commitment can remain private.  However, we hope you share the news with us of your intention so we can welcome you into The Chestnut Society, our way to recognize our visionary donors.

Please fill out our Gift Intention Form and mail to Lisa Thomson, The American Chestnut Foundation, 50 N. Merrimon Avenue, Suite 115, Asheville, NC 28804. The details of your plans will remain strictly confidential and anonymous if you so choose.

Questions? You or your advisors are welcome to email Lesley Heiser ( or call TACF national office at (828) 281-0047.

TACF Gift Intention Form