Allegheny Chinkapin

Image of Chinkapin branch and burs

Chinkapin Leaves

  • Usually smaller than American chestnut leaves, but highly variable
  • Chinkapin leaves exposed to the sun are whitish underneath because of numerous leaf hairs
  • American chestnut leaves, in contrast, have few hairs and are light green underneath
Image of Chinkapin and Chestnut Burs. On the left Chinkapin burs are notably smaller than the Chestnut on the right.

Chinkapin Burs versus Chestnut Bur

  • Chinkapin burs are often in grape-like clusters.
  • Chinkapins have only one small, pointed nut per bur (versus up to three nuts per bur for chestnuts).
  • Chinkapin burs open into two sections (valves) whereas chestnut burs open into four sections.
Image of 6 chestnuts arranged 2 by 2 in 3 rows.


Top: Chinkapin nuts: note the pointed end

Middle: American chestnuts: note the hairy surface

Bottom: Chinese chestnuts: note the rounded end