Monitoring Demonstration Plantings in the Carolinas

The success of B3F3 demonstration plantings varies at a number of sites in the Carolinas. Some trees survive after many years; others have died due to drought and unfavorable soil conditions. Despite amended soil to encourage better drainage and root growth, heavy clay soils often affect the growth of seedlings planted.

Tim Horne volunteered last fall to help the chapter, inventorying and documenting the status of ten trees planted in and near Hillsborough, NC in 2017. The Hillsborough Tree Board worked with the chapter to plant two seedlings at Town Hall and four seedlings each at two historic sites, The Burwell School and Mount Ayr. Trees originally planted that did not survive will be replanted this spring.  The Carolinas Chapter plans to check back in with other cooperators who participated in demonstration plantings to collect data on trees that have survived, and arrange to replace dead trees with new seedlings.

An older TACF orchard sign in Hillsborough, NC provides restoration information.