Re-establishing the Chestnut Tree in New Jersey, One Sapling at a Time

Published August 16, 2021

This August 2021 article published by the Town Topics Newspaper of Princeton, New Jersey, chronicles the history and re-emergence of American chestnut trees in various NJ townships, including a second generation hybrid sapling planted at Mapleton Preserve in Kingston.

“There are over 100 chestnut trees now growing in the area, including trees planted in Hopewell Township at the Fiddler’s Creek Preserve, demonstration plantings at Hopewell Valley Regional School District elementary schools, a demonstration planting at Hopewell Township’s Woolsey Park, a planting at D&R Greenway’s St. Michael’s Preserve, and the Foraging Forest project of the Sourland Conservancy in Hopewell Borough,” Greenberg reports. Click here to read the full article.